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Electric-Hand Fed Corn Cutter (EHFCC)

What if you could save space, lower maintenance costs and boost your efficiency? Specially designed to be compact and sturdy for easy maintenance and flexibility, this self-contained production powerhouse can do it all. Plus, it’s available for both belt and oscillating systems, giving you online compatibility without major changes to your existing setup, with little modification of existing conveyors.

Features and benefits:

Stops jams, boosts productivity
  • Designed to clear most cutter head jams before they slow your operations

Feeds with ease
  • Manual reverse operation is one of the best available

Designed with safety in mind
  • Cutter area is protected against attempts to open cutter shield during operation

Increases plant efficiency
  • Cut corn manually at volumes you never thought possible

Adapts well to any condition
  • Designed to work with existing cutting capacity, requiring little to no modification to existing conveyors


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Technical specs

A self-contained unit for manual feeding and cutting ears. The CCM Electric Manual Fed Corn Cutter was developed to offer a low-cost alternative to the CCM Automatic Corn Cutter and the CCM Hydraulic Hand-Fed Corn Cutter. This machine will work with a belt-fed system or a vibratory-fed system.

  • 5 HP electric motor
  • Self-clearing of jams
  • Spring-loaded cutting head
  • Lock-down head
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Four-leg frame with pivoting
  • All controls in one operator-accessible box
  • Inlet height: 42.1 inches
  • Length: approximately 67 inches
  • Width: approximately 41 inches
  • Electrical: 5 HP 9 amps at 460v
  • Water requirement: 0.12 gallons per minute

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