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Automatic Corn Cutter (ACC)

Orient, feed and cut corn at increased volumes. The Magnuson CCM Automatic Corn Cutter is a self-contained production machine, where units are flexible enough to fit your existing cutting room with little to no modification of existing conveyors.


Features and benefits:

Superior self-clearing
  • Product jams in the cutter head are automatically detected by the computer and instantaneously cleared for continued operation

Simplified sanitation
  • All necessary parts are accessible for easy cleanup and are made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic

First-string flexibility
  • Includes online compatibility without needing major structural changes to the present system

Exclusive Cutter Feed System®
  • Unique belt feeder system ensures gentle handling and maintains center alignment of ears for a top-quality cut​

Space-saving design
  • Each unit is sturdy and compact for minimal floor space and low maintenance costs

Exceptional hydraulics
  • Includes a hydraulic drive system with air-actuated cylinders for primary control

Designed for safe operation
  • Electrical is engineered at a low 12-volt, computerized system for added safety

Technical specs

  • Inlet height: Variable standard 66"

  • Overall length: Approx. 70"
  • Overall width: Approx. 58"
  • Air requirement: 45 scfh @ 90 psi
  • Water consumption: Approx. 7 gph @ 90 psi
  • Hydraulic requirement: Approx. 10 gpm @ 90 psi
  • Minimum spacing: 5.5' on center
  • Orientation accuracy: 85-95%
  • Average rate: 100-120 ears/min
  • Instantaneous rate: 185 ears/min
  • Hydraulic rate: (Food Grade) 215 SSU @ 100°F (Oil temp must be maintained between 110°-120°F)

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