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Knife Sharpeners

Always operate with a leading edge. Magnuson CCM Knife Sharpeners allow a precise grind, so operators can achieve more with every cut. In fact, it’s been proven that customers can yield up to 2 percent more with consistently sharp knives throughout the season. 

Features and benefits:

Stay a cut above the rest
  • Stay sharp throughout the year, as a circular profile can provide a uniform cut and eliminate pulled kernels

Increase throughput
  • Correct knife contour allows ears to slip through cutter heads with minimal resistance, reducing frequency of jams
Eliminate off-season reconditioning
  • Knives remain “like new” at the end of one pack, ready for the next
A cutting edge that lasts
  • Achieve more cutting time per grind or better quality in the same cutting period

Improve yield
  • Achieve up to a 2 percent yield increase with consistently sharp knives throughout the season


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  • Precision radius: Exact knife radius and angle are already locked-in

  • Guarded for safety

  • Rugged construction

  • Flexible grind angles

    • Can be set at 8, 10 or 12 degrees depending on your processing plant needs

  • Water Cooled

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