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Our machines operate on a vision and value system.

Magnuson CCM equipment requires more than electricity to power your operations to greatness. It takes a strong vision and value system.

  • We believe in hassle-free operation. So we work to ensure our machines are easy to manage and maintain.

  • We value innovation. Being a sales leader in fruit, vegetable and meat processing means staying ahead of the curve in machine technologies.

  • We’re committed to efficiency, keeping you in control of your processes, yielding more product at less cost.

  • We take pride in superior service and support. Whether you need a question answered, a specific part, or a trained service technician, we’re here to answer the call.

  • We’re dedicated to bringing you peace of mind. With less to worry about, you can focus on reaching horizons you never thought possible.

Our history

Founded in 1942 by the late Roy Magnuson, Magnuson Engineers, Inc. was originally established as a consulting engineering firm. Under the guidance of Craig Furlo, former CEO and 35-year veteran with the company, Magnuson further developed and perfected food processing and industrial equipment that is being used in all parts of the world. Today, the Magnuson team is led by Scott Bell, Managing Director & CFO, who has a 10 year tenure with the Gulftech family of companies in operational and financial leadership roles. In 1994, CCM (Computer Controlled Machines) was acquired as part of the team and offering, making Magnuson CCM the worldwide leader in corn processing machinery.

Learn about our commitment to innovation.

Whatever it takes to lead the industry through innovation, we work hard to continually refine our product offerings so you can stay ahead.


We’re a part of the Gulftech family of companies.

From leaders in labeling solutions to pioneers in food science, Gulftech owns and operates a number of food processing companies across the globe.


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