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Washers, Scrubbers, Peelers.

From delicious potatoes to  fruits, meats, nuts and vegetables, there’s no telling what innovation might be uncovered with Magnuson Washers, Scrubbers and Peelers. That’s why we offer a full line of machinery in multiple sizes and options depending on your processing plant’s needs.

NF Models:

  • NF-24 
  • NF-18 

Features and benefits:

Scrub, wash, and peel at high volumes
  • Latest technology designed to work exceptionally and at high capacity

Harness “live action” peeling
  • Uniformly controlled, variable-speed augers convey product through rotating cages with rotating rolls

Built for a wide range of products and applications
  • Flexibly built for fruit, vegetables, nuts and more

Hassle-free maintenance
  • Spend more time improving productivity and less time tinkering with machinery

WSP Models:


  • WSP-3046 
  • WSP-3063 
  • WSP-3066 
  • WSP-3086 
  • WSP-3123 

Features and benefits:

A family of choices
  • Select from five machines with two different roll sizes

Electronically driven
  • All necessary parts are accessible for easy cleanup and are made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic

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Peeler specifications:

  • WSP-3046: 4 rolls, 6-inch-diameter roll
  • WSP-3063: 6 rolls, 3-inch-diameter roll
  • WSP-3066: 6 rolls, 6-inch-diameter roll
  • WSP-3086: 8 rolls, 6-inch-diameter roll
  • WSP-3123: 12 rolls, 3-inch-diameter roll
  • NF-24: 24 each 3-inch-diameter abrasive roll
  • NF-18: 18 each 4-inch-diameter abrasive roll

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