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List of Japanese Words - S

This is a list of common Japanese words and phrases - many of which are used in this website. Most of these Japanese words are available as hand-brushed Japanese Calligraphy Designs suitable for tattoos, craft, and commercial use. Each design was hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase and professionally scanned and documented. Links to independent sources, including Japanese/English dictionaries, are given so you can be absolutely sure the translations are correct. To see the complete catalog of Japanese Words visit our on-line catalog at StockKanji - Catalog of Japanese Words

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Japanese Kanji Symbols You Can Trust - Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase has been creating custom designs for over fifteen years with thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. You have probably even seen Master Takase's work in movies, on TV, or in print or even on a favorite product. Now you can have beautiful Japanese Calligraphy as a part of your own personal expression whether it be for art, body art, crafts or for commercial use.

English Word Japanese Kanji Japanese Word
Safety Japanese for Safety (anzen) anzen
Safflower Japanese for Safflower (benibana) benibana
Sage Japanese for Sage (kenja) kenja
Sagittarius Japanese for Sagittarius (iteza) iteza
Saint Japanese for Saint (seija) seija
Salvation Japanese for Salvation (kyuusei) kyuusei
Samurai Japanese for Samurai (samurai) samurai
Sanchin Japanese for Sanchin (sanchin) sanchin
Sanctuary Japanese for Sanctuary (seiiki) seiiki
Sanity Japanese for Sanity (shouki) shouki
Satan Japanese for Satan (maou) maou
Savior Japanese for Savior (kyuuseishu) kyuuseishu
Scholar Japanese for Scholar (gakusha) gakusha
Scientist Japanese for Scientist (kagakusha) kagakusha
Scorpio Japanese for Scorpio (sasoriza) sasoriza
Scorpion Japanese for Scorpion (sasori) sasori
Scotland Japanese for Scotland (sukottorando) sukottorando
Sea Japanese for Sea (umi) umi
Secret Japanese for Secret (himitsu) himitsu
Secret Love Japanese for Secret Love (himitsu no ai) himitsu no ai
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Japanese for See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (mizarukikazaruiwazaru) mizarukikazaruiwazaru
Self-Love Japanese for Self-Love (jiai) jiai
Self-Preservation Japanese for Self-Preservation (jikohozon) jikohozon
Self-Reliant Japanese for Self-Reliant (dokuritsudoppo) dokuritsudoppo
Self-Respect Japanese for Self-Respect (jison) jison
Self-Restraint Japanese for Self-Restraint (kokkishin) kokkishin
Semper Fi Japanese for Semper Fi (tsune ni chuusei wo) tsune ni chuusei wo
Serenity Japanese for Serenity (seion) seion
Seven Virtues of Bushido Japanese for Seven Virtues of Bushido (chuugi rei makoto meiyo jin yuu gi) chuugi rei makoto meiyo jin yuu gi
Shadow Japanese for Shadow (kage) kage
Shadow of Death Japanese for Shadow of Death (shisou) shisou
Shadow of Leaves Japanese for Shadow of Leaves (hagakure) hagakure
Shark Japanese for Shark (same) same
Sheep Japanese for Sheep (hitsuji) hitsuji
Shepherd Japanese for Shepherd (bokujin) bokujin
Shiatsu Japanese for Shiatsu (shiatsu) shiatsu
Shiki - A pear tree is blooming, By a collapsed house, on an old battlefield Japanese for Shiki - A pear tree is blooming, By a collapsed house, on an old battlefield (nashi saku ya ikusa no ato no kuzure ie) nashi saku ya ikusa no ato no kuzure ie
Shiki - Lifting up the hatchet, To cut it down, It was budding Japanese for Shiki - Lifting up the hatchet, To cut it down, It was budding (nata agete kiran to sureba konome kana) nata agete kiran to sureba konome kana
Shiki - Three thousand, Haiku to examine, Two persimmons Japanese for Shiki - Three thousand, Haiku to examine, Two persimmons (sanzen no haiku wo kemishi kaki futatsu) sanzen no haiku wo kemishi kaki futatsu
Shiko - How enviable, Turning beautiful then falling, maple leaves Japanese for Shiko - How enviable, Turning beautiful then falling, maple leaves (urayamashi utsukushuu natte chiru momiji) urayamashi utsukushuu natte chiru momiji
Shito-Ryu Japanese for Shito-Ryu (shitouryuu) shitouryuu
Shorin-Ryu Japanese for Shorin-Ryu (shourinryuu) shourinryuu
Shotokan Karate-Do Japanese for Shotokan Karate-Do (shoutoukan karatedou) shoutoukan karatedou
Shoyu Japanese for Shoyu (shouyu) shouyu
Shukokai Japanese for Shukokai (shuukoukai) shuukoukai
Shut Up and Train Japanese for Shut Up and Train (damatte keiko) damatte keiko
Silence Japanese for Silence (chinmoku) chinmoku
Simple and Honest Japanese for Simple and Honest (junboku) junboku
Sincerity Japanese for Sincerity (magokoro) magokoro
Singer Japanese for Singer (kashu) kashu
Sinner Japanese for Sinner (tsumibito) tsumibito
Sisters Japanese for Sisters (shimai) shimai
Sisters at Heart Japanese for Sisters at Heart (kokoro no shimai) kokoro no shimai
Sixth Sense Japanese for Sixth Sense (dairokkan) dairokkan
Sky Japanese for Sky (sora) sora
Slave Japanese for Slave (dorei) dorei
Snake Japanese for Snake (hebi) hebi
Snakes Follow The Way Of Serpents Japanese for Snakes Follow The Way Of Serpents (ja no michi wa hebi) ja no michi wa hebi
Snow White Japanese for Snow White (shirayukihime) shirayukihime
Snowstorm Japanese for Snowstorm (fubuki) fubuki
Sober Japanese for Sober (shirafu) shirafu
Solitude Japanese for Solitude (kodoku) kodoku
Son Japanese for Son (musuko) musuko
Song Japanese for Song (uta) uta
Soul Japanese for Soul (rei) rei
Soul Japanese for Soul (tamashii) tamashii
Soul Mates Japanese for Soul Mates (tamashii no tomo) tamashii no tomo
Sparring Japanese for Sparring (kumite) kumite
Spear Japanese for Spear (yari) yari
Spider Japanese for Spider (kumo) kumo
Spirit Japanese for Spirit (ki) ki
Spirit of Perseverance Japanese for Spirit of Perseverance (osu no seishin) osu no seishin
Spirit Over Technique Japanese for Spirit Over Technique (gijutsu yori shinjutsu) gijutsu yori shinjutsu
Spirited Japanese for Spirited (kokoroiki) kokoroiki
Spiritual Strength Japanese for Spiritual Strength (seishinryoku) seishinryoku
Spring Japanese for Spring (haru) haru
Star Japanese for Star (hoshi) hoshi
Steadfast Japanese for Steadfast (fudoushin) fudoushin
Stillness Japanese for Stillness (seishi) seishi
Stomach Japanese for Stomach (hara) hara
Storm Japanese for Storm (arashi) arashi
Strawberry Japanese for Strawberry (ichigo) ichigo
Strength Japanese for Strength (kyouryoku) kyouryoku
Strength Japanese for Strength (chikara) chikara
Strength and Honor Japanese for Strength and Honor (chikara to meiyo) chikara to meiyo
Strong Heart Japanese for Strong Heart (tsuyoi kokoro) tsuyoi kokoro
Submissive Japanese for Submissive (kutsujuu) kutsujuu
Subtle Grace Japanese for Subtle Grace (yuugen) yuugen
Success Japanese for Success (seikou) seikou
Summer Japanese for Summer (natsu) natsu
Sun Japanese for Sun (taiyou) taiyou
Sunflower Japanese for Sunflower (himawari) himawari
Sunshine Japanese for Sunshine (nikkou) nikkou
Superman Japanese for Superman (choujin) choujin
Surgeon Japanese for Surgeon (gekai) gekai
Surrender Japanese for Surrender (koufuku) koufuku
Survival of the Fittest Japanese for Survival of the Fittest (tekisha seizon) tekisha seizon
Survivor Japanese for Survivor (seizonsha) seizonsha
Sushi Japanese for Sushi (sushi) sushi
Sweet Japanese for Sweet (kanbi) kanbi
Sword Japanese for Sword (ken) ken
Sympathy Japanese for Sympathy (doujou) doujou


(1) Indicates a word created for its meaning. These will not be found in the dictionary but intended for use a literal translations of names and used in Names in Japanese.

(2) The kanji for some common Japanese words are strange. These exceptions are now often written in katakana rather than in kanji. For example, Fern is shida which has the kanji which literally reads "sheep teeth". Dolphin is another example which is iruka and has the kanji which literally reads as "ocean pig".  

(3) Indicates a Japanese name.

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