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Hiroyuki Fukunishi - Yoshino Papermaker

9712_0085.jpg (21375 bytes)The Yoshino Mountains in Autumn.
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9712_0067.jpg (17436 bytes) The Yoshino river. Here Mr. Fukunishi's family have washed the Kozo bark for centuries. This pure and wonderful water is essential for the fine Yoshino paper.

This photo was taken from the window of our Ryoukan (Japanese Inn) which served broiled Ayu fresh from the river.

9712_0069.jpg (26207 bytes)The general store just down the mountain from Mr. Fukunishi's house and workshop. This is the landmark you want to look for when getting off the bus.

Though in this town all you have to do is tell the bus driver "Fukunishi" and make a motion like you are making paper and you will be sure to get to the right place.



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Mr. Fukunishi drying the pressed Washi on boardsBeing interested in trying to do Japanese papermaking myself, I asked Mr. Fukunishi about these boards used for drying the paper and what I should look for. He said that most boards are unusable for the first hundred years because of resins and contaminants. But after that they work perfectly well.

So if I start right now my great-grandchildren will be able to make beautiful paper.


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9712_0090.jpg (16449 bytes)Weekly, and often times several times a week, Mr. Fukunishi is out giving hands on demonstrations of Japanese papermaking.

Here the Mayor is thanking Mr. Fukunishi for leading this parent/child workshop.

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