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"The advertising market today is such that not only is Japanese Calligraphy fashionable, but the consumers of these designs are now to where they expect and distinguish high quality work."

Eri Takase, Master Calligrapher

In 1989, Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase was recognized by the Bokuteki-kai, Japan's most prestigious calligraphic society, with the highest rank in calligraphy of Shihan or Master Calligrapher. As a member of Bokuteki-kai and Bunka Shodo, Eri Takase is among the few to have won several best of category awards in national competitions and her work has been displayed in the Osaka Museum of Arts.

Currently working and residing in the United States, Ms. Takase has lent her incredible talent to product and advertising designs. Always pushing the envelope she was quoted as saying, "Japanese Calligraphy is too beautiful a bird to be locked in the cage of a thousand years of tradition." Her desire to unfetter this art has put classically trained Eri Takase at the forefront of modern Japanese Calligraphy.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website StockKanji.com which features thousands of Japanese Calligraphy designs for commercial applications.

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To discuss a design please contact Eri@Takase.com

WHAT - Japanese Calligraphy

Ms. Takase's specialty is Japanese Calligraphy. More specifically creating the Japanese calligraphy used in graphic designs. Most commonly clients will have hired an advertising agency or graphic designer who in turn would work with Ms. Takase to create the calligraphic elements used in the design.

WHAT NOT - Other Stuff

Most times requests for brushed English characters or sumi-e pictures will be turned down. Ms. Takase's specialty is Japanese Calligraphy.

LEGAL - Formal or Informal

Each client is different. With some a verbal agreement about what is being sold is sufficient. With others there are complex contracts that must go through our lawyer. Because there is such diversity in this process we do need to know the client's procedures up front. Examples of these documents are nondisclosure agreements, transfer of copyright, and contracts.

Unless specifically agreed upon only the final designs are being sold. Rights to all intermediate designs and samples are not being sold.

HOW - Design Process

The design would be created using an interactive process that often starts with a translation. Often times the translation impacts the design and so initial samples are created that compare translations with design options.

Custom samples are presented in digital format that we would then discuss and based on feedback make modifications. New samples are usually ready the next business day but the process can be quicker depending on the client's needs.

This process works very well over the internet giving the client input at each step and at every level of the design.

For the final version, we would overnight the final artwork on flat, white, acid-free paper. We can either email a link to the design that can be downloaded from our servers or overnight the final artwork.

TIME - Days or Less

We work with you on your schedule. Advertising agencies may need more time while they confer with clients, while Graphic Designers may make decisions on the spot. Regardless we attempt to have samples designs the next business day. And if time is an issue often times new designs can be completed the same business day. And if arranged in advanced designs can happen as quickly as needed.


For a quote please email Eri@Takase.com with your proposal for the design.


Eri Takase's design for "Love (ai)" is featured on the CD cover of Jazz artist Tim Tamashiro.

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